The Y-DNA surname project Forest, what is it?

The Association of Forest Research men named Forest (or variations of that name) who would volunteer to submit a sample of their oral mucosa to conduct an analysis of 12 markers in their Y-DNA. We want to have representatives from each branch of the Forest to verify the belief that we are all descendants of Michel Forest Acadia. With these results we are able to establish our common ancestor more recently for those who show a number of similar markers. The report is submitted confidentially tested persons. For those who wish, the results could be posted anonymously on the website of the AFA for comparison.

We believe that the surnames used today in North America Forest, Forrest, De Forest, Freest, Forese, Forais, Forest, Forry, Laforest, Marino Forest, Forest said Labranche said Larose Forest, Forest said Laforest Share … and are not necessarily descendants of Michel Forest Acadia. Participants who are different surnames listed above or others are invited to participate in this project.

The Y chromosome is passed from father to son without modification except for one mutation every 500 generations. The analysis of the Y chromosome allows us to obtain a genetic fingerprint of a number of markers 12, 27, 37, 67. By comparing the markers between those tested and variations of the surname Forest can determine whether we are parents. All men descendants of Michel Forest should have the same genetic formula.


As the project patronymic Forest traces mainly members of the same family who share the same surname, and since women do not carry the Y chromosome from their father and their names can change with marriage, therefore the relevance of tests of this project is only for men who want to prove their lineage genetic patrilineal or father to grandfather to great-grandfather and so on. The initial test order for homes is Y-DNA 12. Forest women who want to know their genetic lineage can do this by asking their brother, cousin or nephew to pass the test. Women who want to know their lineage matrilineal (mother to daughter, grandmother to …) can analyze their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). The test results of mitochondrial DNA for women cannot be linked to the results of DNA testing Y males.


Each man must provide a sample of his oral mucosa which will be analyzed by the laboratory of Family Tree DNA laboratory. This sample is collected without pain using a stick that is rubbed on the inside of our cheek to collect a small amount of cells. The test is done at home with a set thatwill be mailed to you. Each set includes two sticks, two tubes to receive samples of mucosa, an information booklet, a CD, a map and a return envelope.

We would be testing at least several male descendants of Michel. There will be more participants over the reliability of these tests will be important.


Firstly, you must know that no medical test will be performed on your sample. Only the Y chromosome is analyzed. In addition, for your information, you should know that the lab will never know your name. Laboratory tests are carried out at the University of Arizona as Family Tree DNA is located in Texas. Each sample is given an identification number before it is sent to the laboratory. Thus, the laboratory never know the name of the person who submitted the sample. The same for display on the site of the AFA you are identified by name only and a code number that you are the only one to know.

Obviously the confidentiality of results is important for us. Participants will receive detailed reports. These reports are identified only by a sample number and not the name of the participant. The only risk involved in such a project is that you can discover that you’re not a descendant of Michel Forest Acadia. It is expected that the descendants of Michel holders are 12 similar markers (indicates that there is a 50% chance of finding a common ancestor in less than 7 generations) or similar markers 11 to 12 (in a common ancestor less than 17 generations) if it is a case of very distant relatives and 10 of 12 markers similar you would have a common ancestor in less than 31 generations or about 1000 years.


As we receive the results will be posted on our website so that participants or visitors to our site can view results. The results will also be published in the Bulletin of the AFA. The full names of participants will be kept confidential.

In summary, this project aims to ensure the validity or non-validity of existing hypotheses concerning our common ancestor Michel Forest and end the frustration associated with current controversial genealogical publications.


To participate in project Y-DNA Forest, we recommend that you choose the Y-DNA test 37 ($ 169) directly online at the following address:
For information about genetic testing, you can visit the following websites:


In genealogy, the analysis of the Y chromosome markers can mainly three things:

  1. Validate the results from the examination of the birth and marriage.
  2. Complement these results by linking two families with the same surname and not even related by deeds (actions destroyed or common ancestor too old to have been acts of marriage or birth).
  3. Trace the history of the male ancestor during the Middle Ages, antiquity and even prehistory.