Tribute to Nicole Pagé

SEPTEMBER 8, 1952 – DECEMBER 21, 2020

At the CHRDL in Joliette, at the age of 68, passed away Mrs. Nicole Pagé, wife of Mr. Denis Forest.

The members of the Association des Forest d’Amérique are sad by the recent passing of Nicole Pagé, our partner, our colleague and friend, always ready to lend more than a helping hand for the AFA activities.

The AFA members share the loss of Nycole with Denis Forest, her husband.

Here is a text composed by Yolande Forest, her sister-in-law, who offers a vibrant tribute to the woman she was for all of us:

Nicole, there are so many things I would like to say that it would take a book to write them all.

Nicole, loving woman who knew how to spread happiness around her and illuminate Denis’ life.

Nicole, the woman who was continually beside her man, may it be for the Quebec Order of Dentists, the Forest Association of America (AFA) since its foundation and being involved with the Pagé Association and with the production of the AFA newspaper as editorial board secretary.

Nicole, woman generous with her time, always ready to help knew how to listen, and there is more.

Nicole, leading woman who believed in her convictions.

Nicole, dreaming woman who wanted what’s best for everybody.

Nicole, a woman who fully involved herself in everything such as nature, she who was working in her garden without ceasing.

Nicole, a woman of party who loved good company, good food and good wine.

You left too soon you the strong woman.

What we have left of you is what you gave us, thank you for sharing the love.

Yolande Forest

Sister of Denis