The mission

The Association of American Forest was founded in Cap-Pelé, NB in 1994 during the first World Acadian Congress. This is a non-profit association that aims to promote the development of friendly relations between the various families to recognize the contribution of our ancestors to the story of America and particularly:

a) to set feet a computerized genealogical database Central

b) encourage, assist, coordinate and disseminate written publication on the genealogy and history of our ancestors

c) to promote knowledge of the history of Acadia and Acadian

d) group and leverage the expertise of some of its members in various fields of activities in order to ensure a sound development of the Association

e) to ensure the organization of annual meetings in various regions where there are members of the Association

f) carry out various activities which will aim to mark the achievements of our ancestors

g) to act as the official spokesperson of its members

h) to devote themselves to know the genealogy and history of the Forest of America

The Association currently has 200 active members who come mainly from Quebec, Ontario, New-Brunswick, Canada West, Louisiana, California, various other U.S. states, Canadian provinces and Europe.