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Johanne Forest Lépine
Chief editor of Bulletin de l'AFA l'AFA

Bulletin: The Oak and the Reed, the essential link between the members of the AFA.

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This Newsletter is published three times a year: Winter, Summer and Fall. To receive this newsletter you must be a member in goodstanding of the AFA. The annual dues are 25$ ($250 to be life member). Renewal is due on Decem-ber 31th of each year.

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Mme Johanne Lépine

Association des Forest d'Amérique (AFA)
1, Gabrielle-Roy
St-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC, Canada
J0K 1W0


Hi there,

Although I was unable to attend the 22nd meeting of the AFA in Saguenay, my mandate as newsletter editor was renewed. I would like to thank those who offered me their support and their token of appreciation.

You will notice some changes to the bulletin. On the one hand, the number of pages has been reduced to 24 in order to reduce mailing costs. Then, it was decided to give one page to each representative regions of the members: from Ontario, the Western provinces, the Maritimes and the United States. This order will be repected, of course, if each region participates and give their news.

Following suggestion from members of the assembly, a page will be devoted to genealogy. Finally, the list of life members has been separated into two sections: active mem-bers and deceased members. Thus, you will be able to know how many members receive the bulletin and pay their dues, without forgetting those who have left us over the years.

I’m still waiting for your news, photos and family stories.

Johanne Forest-Lépine
Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Quebec