Denis A. Forest

To all the members of the AFA (Association des Forest d’Amérique),

Having been elected president of our Association of the Forest Families of America (AFA) last August 2019, the approaching Holidays Season and the New Year give me occasion to wish you Happy Holidays.

This year’s major element was the organization of the reunion in Shediac and Haute-Aboujagane by Léandre Forest and his team which was a great success and more.

A sincere thanks to Emy Forrest for her role as president for many years.

I’m offering a special thanks to Denis Forest and his spouse Nicole Pagé who have supported the AFA since 1994 as well as all the Board of Directors members.

Finally, I salute all the members and friends' involvement who travelled to the AFA reunions all over Canada and the USA.

Unfortunately, we always have members who leave us along the way, so I offer my most sincere condolences to all the families involved.

Plan your next meeting for August 27, 28 and 29 2021 in the Saguenay Jonquière Sector, Quebec.

I wish all the AFA members a very Merry Christmas and a year 2020 filled with success.

Denis A

AFA President

translate by Frédéric Forest

                          O u r  a n c e s t o r,

                                           Michel de Forest

                          of unknown origin                      

....up to now