Denis A. Forest

Dear members of the Association of Forest of America,

What an incredible year, of which we will remember for a long time! I hope that you families and friends have had the chance to get through this Coronavirus crisis in the best of conditions and I take advantage of these first moments of freedom to invite you to remain prudent and informed and to maintain the serious strictness for us all to be able to pursue for a long time meetings and rejoicings. The “Beast is Ferocious” and it has perhaps not said its last “word”!

Speaking of rejoicings and meetings, I wish, like many of you, to pursue our reunions every two years. The last reunion of the Forest families of America was held in Shédiac NB, on August 9 to 11 2019 and I thank all those who participated as well as the Maritimes organisers under the leadership of Léandre Forest’s team, we now need to plan the rest of the story....

The next meeting will be held at the Saguenay Delta Hotel in Jonquière in the province of Quebec, Canada. Under the responsibility of Pierre Forest and his team, a reception and wonderful program await us in one of the most beautiful regions of Quebec and Canada, such as the visit to the Saguenean Land Products; make your hotel reservations. Despite the current situation of Covid-19 to date, the Delta Saguenay Marriott maintains our reservation for August 27, 28 and 29, 2021.

In addition, in preparation for sending off our association toward the future (I am not getting any younger and I want to guarantee the succession…), I would like that everyone of you have the desire to involve the children and grand-children and that all make an effort, some time or other in the year, to send news of their family activities for the newsletter to because our editor Johanne Lépine is running short on articles... We have a web page that is very well managed by Yves Forest.

Website visits by the readers are rare, and few people send of their news; it’s a vicious circle… Some group photos, a few words to tell a small part about your life and the website will develop and become more desirable! Thank you for your help!

I know how much our lives are captivating, but in some down time, it is pleasant to hear news from those we love. As the president of your association, you are important to me! So then, tell me about yourselves… It will be a pleasure to see you all in Jonquière!

Denis A Forest, president.

translate by Frédéric Forest

                          O u r  a n c e s t o r,

                                           Michel de Forest

                          of unknown origin                      

....up to now