The wedding of Marie and Fabrice

Written by Daniela Leroy  mother of Fabrice

"Just married"

Dear Forest, Forrest, Foret and Forêt  friends in Canada and in the United States,

Our son, Fabrice and his companion, Marie LAPOTRE, got married on Saturday 28th 2017,  in SAINT-SAULVE, near VALENCIENNES (in the North of France).

They had very few chances to meet ; but... they enjoy hiking, the open air and large natural open spaces ; and the place they chose to meet was the Lofoten Islands, in Norway !

They have gone farther together since. Marie, who has worked as an accountant  for quite a number of years, achieved recently her ambition to become a chartered accountant and practices in an office in VALENCIENNES. Fabrice has worked  for eleven years as a technical and commercial engineer for a local French-Italian company specialized in  the making of large steel-rings for different high-tech industries (aeronautics, etc.). He often travels to the United States and sometimes to Canada.

Gabriel and I would like to seize the opportunity of this happy event to greet all our Canadian and American friends we welcomed in Avesnes-sur-Helpe in October 2001, and everybody we  met  in Canada , in 2005 (Denis Abraham ; Marie-Reine and Roger ; Claude and Madeleine ; Gisèle and André ; Andrée and Devin ; Solange, Johanne and Maryse ;  Mariette and Ghislaine).

And  the friends we met in Paris (Emy, Susan and Harold from Boston ;  Gisèle and André again) and here (Denis Abraham ; Denis and Nycole). And also our friends  Rovena and Al, who welcomed us generously in Visalia (CA) in 2009 and hosted Fabrice and a friend a year later.

Needless to say, we have established very friendly ties with all of you ; and we tend to consider that we somewhat belong to your large family. That is why we were delighted and greatly honored when Denis and Yves suggested we make an announcement of our children's wedding in the AFA bulletin.

To everyone we have had the honor and the joy to meet, who allowed us to reap marvelous memories, we address our kindest and friendliest greetings... and assure them that they will always be welcome in our home, were they considering a trip to our country.

As the end-of-the year celebrations are getting near, we wish you all to enjoy that happy season in good health and surrounded with your dearest ones, family, relatives and friends.

 MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all ! And let's hope for a more peaceful world !

Daniela and Gabriel

For those who do not know Daniela, she was the contact in France for the organization of the trip of the Association of the Forest families in 2001. The association takes advantage of this moment to thank Gabriel and Daniela for these extraordinary moments that we lived with them. Thank you both long lives.


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