Emy - President
Emy - President

Hello Everyone 

I am happy to let you know that we have made host hotel arrangements for our AFA/CMA 2019 reunion at the Hotel Shediac. Denis, Nycole, Susan, Harold and I met with Leandre and Marie-Reine at the hotel in Shediac the beginning of August. It is a very nice hotel in the downtown area and a short walk to several restaurants and interesting sites. It is across the street from the Shediac Old Train Station Museum. Susan and I enjoyed a short walk down to the bay where there is a very nice park, Parc John Lyons, near the yacht club. The park had some historic plaques which explained some of the history of the area. A short walk in another direction is the Pascal-Poirier Historical House, an ancestral Acadian House and site of the Historical Acadian Tree Sculture. The house also has an artist in residence.

Some of you who attended CMA in 1994 might enjoy revisiting sites and areas you visited back then, so I encourage you to come a day early and/or stay a day later.

I do plan to email this notice to the email membership next week, so I give you first notice. Reserve early and please let me know if you have any questions. And when you get a chance, let us know if you have a preference for an organized tour on Saturday daytime, August 10, 2019. Any type of tour you might be interested in? We do usually enjoy being together during the day.

I hope this notice finds that you have all been well and that you have had a good year.

Warmest regards,


p.s. Remember our elegant dinner last year at the winery!

                          O u r  a n c e s t o r,

                                           Michel de Forest

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