Emy - President
Emy - past president

Dear Forest Cousins,

At the recent Forest family meeting in Shediac, New Brunswick, we elected a new president, Denis A. Forest of Quebec. He will coordinate our next reunion in 2021, most likely in Saguenay, Quebec, north of Quebec City. As your outgoing president, I wish him the best and I am looking forward to the next meeting already.

During my tenure, I have enjoyed working on programs in Madawaska, ME, Niagara-on-the Lake, Ontario with Yvette Metcalfe and most recently in Shediac, New Brunswick with Léandre Forest. I have appreciated the support of Denis, Denis A., Yves, our webmaster and Johanne, our newsletter editor and I also enjoyed communicating with you periodically. I thank you for the times you all touched base with me and responded to my messages.

Denis A. is one of the original organizers of Family Association (Association of Forest of America) which was officially organized at the first CMA in 1994. Denis Forest was then elected president and has most recently been serving as Treasurer of AFA. Denis A. had given us a nice summary at the meeting.

Our recent meeting went very well, I think. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. We met some new cousins descended from Michel Forest’s sons Jean-Baptiste and Pierre (via Simon). And we had a family come from as far as British Columbia, Illinois and Louisiana. We missed those who couldn’t make it this year.

The next CMA will be August 10-18, 2024 in Southwest Nova Scotia. A proposal for our reunion will be presented for approval at our next meeting in Quebec, 2021.

I will locate and send along some pictures, when I get a chance, especially the group pictures. Please share any pictures you might have.

Have a good year and please stay in touch,

Kindest regards,


                          O u r  a n c e s t o r,

                                           Michel de Forest

                          of unknown origin                      

....up to now