Emy - President
Emy - President

Hello Forest Family,


I am happy to present our final program for the 2019 Forest Reunion held in conjunction with CMA 2019. We will meet in Shediac, New Brunswick, August 9-11, 2019. Please reserve rooms soon, so if necessary, we may be able to add rooms if available.


In addition to the activities on our program, CMA and other organizations are working on other activities that would highlight local Acadian history. One new example would be the development of 3 half-day drivable tours, a sort of Acadian Tourist Trail with guidebook and maps.


Remember the opening ceremonies are in Abram Village, PEI, August 10. Acadian Day is August 15 in Dieppe, NB and closing ceremonies are in Shediac on the 24th. CMA website is www.cma2019.ca.


Please be sure your membership is up to date, so you may take advantage of membership savings on the registration form. Membership forms are available at our website in the section "Become a member" or on request. Also, be sure I have your correct or preferred email address.


Best wishes for a happy summer and I hope you can join us next year,



P.S. The program and registration are in the section "Our gatherings" and soon will be on the CMA website. You will be able to register “online” but will still send copy of form and check to Denis Forest.

                          O u r  a n c e s t o r,

                                           Michel de Forest

                          of unknown origin                      

....up to now